To make wine is to make a pledge with the earth, to accept that at best we may briefly align with all that nature endows and capture a moment, as nature moves on unconcerned.

Wife and husband winemakers Pata and David Airaudi strive to find this balance and alignment - soil and rain, elevation and salinity - not to force results but let eons of rock mix with the immediacy of weather to tell a specific story.

The couple began making sparkling wines in Napa Valley in 2012. As enthusiasts turned winemakers Pata and David have always trod new ground. As a woman owner and operator, Pata continues to make new inroads in the wine industry and help expand its story. Six harvests from the first production, apprenticeships in Tuscany, studies in France, four children - Pata, David, and Sapere are constantly trying to evolve and refine a new definition of elegance and inclusion.

Sapere’s wines begin on the northern coast of California, where fog and sloped sun feed into early harvested fruit. We blend classic Champagne traditions with West Coast ideology, letting our terrior guide us to make a distinctly California sparkling. Paying attention to the delicacy and biodiversity of the environment as much as the subtlety and pop of the bubbles.

We pride ourselves on minimal intervention, in the vineyards and the cantina. Our signature sparkling rosé is a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay. Our blanc de blanc is a blend of chenin blanc and chardonnay. No added chemicals or sulphites, low residual sugar. Always vegan.

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